Week 5 Blog Challenge

  • Walk or ride where possible instead of driving? I love to walk to school and that way the petrol won’t pollute the air. I also love to go on a bike ride to the beach which means that the car doesn’t pollute the air since we are riding our bikes.
  • Plant trees? My family love to plant our favourite plants or flowers that way its a win, win situation and my family get their favourite flowers and the earth is getting oxygen. 
  • Clean up outdoor areas? My dad loves to clean up all the dirt and leaves and that way they can be composted and be made into reusable objects. 
  • Donate goods you don’t need? With all my clothes I pass them onto people that I know to reuse or take it to a donating store. My older brother gives his clothes to my twin brother and then he gives it to his friends. 

Blog Challenge Week 2

The people I went to where athletic like me and they are good at different sports so that inspired me to go look at them and figure what sports are common to play in different countries.

I saw some really cool avatars in other peoples blog. 

I was surprised that so many people love lego because I didn’t think many people would. 

Avatar Student Blog

This is my look alike in an avatar.

I have wavy hair, blue eyes and love jumpers.

My hobbies are Lacrosse, Swimming, Calisthenics, Reading, Cooking and Athletics.











Get to know me Task 2

My name is Katarina.

I live in South Australia, Australia.

I enjoy swimming, calisthenics and basically every sport.

I am kind and make sure everyone is happy all the time.

I am 11 and in year 6.

I enjoy all subjects in school but mainly P.E.



Seesaw URL

Cambodia is in the continent Asia. The capital city in Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Cambodia is in the Northern hemisphere. The population in Cambodia is 16.72 million fro 2020.

The languages in Cambodia are Khmer as the official language, English and French as Foreign languages, Cham, Vietnamese, Tumpoon, Lao, Jarai, Yue Chinese and American sign language.

The currency in Cambodia is Cambodian Riel. One connection Australia and Cambodia have is Australia  mainly exports to Cambodia with wheat and cereal preparations, while it mainly imports textile clothing and footwear from Cambodia.

In Cambodia they have the biggest religion building which is called Angkor Wat. Cambodia’s bordering countries are Vietnam to the east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the west and northwest

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

1-I think that the first comment was helpful because it was very slang but it at least told you it was ‘cool.’

2-I think the second comment was very helpful because it had different paragraphs on different topics and it was giving constructive feedback.

3-I think that the third, fourth, fifth and sixth comment was sort of helpful with the comments 3 and 5 because they gave helpful feedback saying what they will do and how good it was. The comments 4,6 and 7 aren’t that helpful because they are of topic and use slang words.

5- Comment 8 is very helpful because they have told them constructive feedback and a what they could do better next time.

Comment 8 was the most helpful because it gave constructive feedback and what they could do better next time.

Comment 7 was the least helpful because it just said ‘good job’ with a smiley face which doesn’t really help.

🧊200 Word writing challenge🧊

It was the 23rd of February at this moment everyone in the whole city had all their lights off in their house, all their cars in the driveway and all their blinds down. The clouds were getting grey as well the lightning and thunder got louder! The hail even was nice and thick while it hit the cars and other objects. As a result of all the hail has destroyed the whole city  soon everyone had come out of their houses. Next our neighbours came over for dinner at this point the hail storm destroyed our chimney because we have an old house we had to order dinner. So we ordered pizza but since a lot of people were ordering pizza because of the hail storm it costed a lot more than usual but we did need food! The pizza we ordered was ham and pineapple, meat-loves and supreme they were super duper yummy. This is how my Sunday went it was super fun and entertaining. This is a once in a life time super breakout of a hail storm. Today I am reading this out and going to tell everyone how fun my Sunday was with the hail storm.